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Thoughts on Hobbits

Posted by ConnorGrail - January 17th, 2017


This is my favourite song, because it is a hobbit song.
I like to play it on every instrument in the world. This was actually performed in Hobbiton in the Shire believe it or not. But I swear on my honour that its the truth. I was there on vacation last spring to visit some family and see some sights as I havent been there in a good while.
The reason I frigged a few notes is because I was in bag end and bilbu-san kept on strumming away on his lute in the background and I got distracted.
Like, its all cool now but at the time I was like really bro? Can you not see that Im trying to record a sweet little insta vid right now? Like gimme a break.
But anywho its all good, we shared some fresh baked bobbit bread and a tea. Shortly after actually good old gandalf the great stopped in and he had a quick mug as well, real nice dude. Real nice to catch up with him. Havent seen him in 80-odd years.
But anyhow it actually took me 9 months or so to post this because we were passing through rivendell and rohan and stuff and they dont got good wifi. And then my phone service went away after we got out of range.
Thats not even the craziest part in my opinion even though it is really insane. But the one time we really wanted some mcdonalds (haha not sponsored just a part of the story lmao) but anyways turns out they are not as common out that way. 
So were looking and looking for a while, like I mean we made a weekend out of it. But eventually we were lost and we had to settle for some juicy dirt grubs from the forest. 
It was a really good time though, and its something Ill treasure for my whole life.
But anyways yes its true that me and bilbu-san did get up to some pretty crazy shenanigans which I wont go into, just know it involved a soda poppie can, two rolls of aluminium foil, 300 pounds of animal fat, butter, duct tape, large parachute, mpuntain climb gear icepick boots trombone mug and a bike horn.
So anyways that took a really long time to get to the point but what Im trying to say with all this is weve got a mixtape coming out peep it its called "fire in the shire yall" and will be on 8track