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Easy 5/5. Great animation and humour, absolutely loved the music. Props to the SFX as well

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great sound design. Really added to the motion and the chomps. I loved the animation everything seemed really nicely timed

30 seconds and was way funnier than a lot of stuff Ive seen recently

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This is a really cool concept. If this was part of a more fleshed out game I think it would make for something really interesting and fun. Even just on it's own like this it is pretty satisfying.

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I actually had a lot of fun with this, really clever puzzles, cute art, and I liked the way the ducks all had their own characteristics. Very nice stuff my friend

Im really bad at this kind stuff, but the art and stuff is really good

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This is sweet, I love the production, your choice of where things drop out and come in is - dare I say- on point. Pretty good mix too, especially impressive lift in dynamics when the chorus kicks in. My only criticism is that the bridge in my opinion dragged just a bit. Good shit

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FinnMK responds:

Thanks a bunch. I hear you on the bridge...originally, it was shorter but that didn't feel quite right either. I needed something else in there, a better dynamic progression. Shrug. I ended up just going with one direction and not beating myself up about it too much.

Really impressive sounds and mixing my friend. The one area I can think could use some work is the writing and arrangement, you have some really cool parts, but it seems like there is a bit of downtime here and there that could be filled with some more variety!
Keep it up, but that goes without saying, I know you always do ;)

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LegnaZeg responds:

cool, thanks for the feedback Connor! I get what you say. :)

This is a cool track, I like how you have incorporated sounds into this. That vocal sample is very nice. Good sounds all around, the energetic parts have nice punch to them. I think there is something to be desired in the mix, some parts the drums sound very dry, and I think the drops don't quite have the shift in dynamic that they should. But either way, good work and lots of very cool ideas sprinkled throughout

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Spadezer responds:

Thanks. It's interesting the varied thoughts I'm getting especially on the mixing/mastering. You're pointing out the fears I had about the drop too, but only if I had unlimited time could I have made this perfect beforehand.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it. That's my main goal.

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Nice, always love the look of the black and red together in your stuff.

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Nice, I like the twist on the original artwork you did. Not to mention that you made her look way cooler than the game ever did. Nice work once again, you've really got a knack for this stuff

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Man you are so good at this shit. That sense of scale is no joke, and the art is so polished

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YakovlevArt responds:

Thanks such a positive review, mah dude! Glad you like it!

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