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January - Maple's Maid Service + Gutcorp!

Posted by ConnorGrail - February 3rd, 2023

I made music for Maple's Maid Service!

To be honest with you, I had been keeping up with the previews that @Peti had been sharing along the process... and I immediately secretly wanted to get involved. Sometimes poking around works wonders, because I expressed interest and it was decided that some more music might not hurt!

Programmed by @Peti, art from @Bleak-Creep and @P-PAMda, and an all star music lineup: @Dry, @Quarl, @Dieswyx, and @Levc (me too but we've already established that)

  • :O)

This first song you will hear from time to time while you explore the world! The cool thing is you could get any number of the tracks, so everyone will get to hear a slightly differently paced soundtrack.

This was a lot of fun to make, and a nice departure from the other music I have been working on. For example, it is all orchestral instruments and no drums! If you are familiar with my work or the snippets of what I am currently cooking up, you'll know it would be hard to find a farther contrast to nasty bitcrushed synth bass and heavy angry drums. So a perfect little break for myself, and an addition to an extremely cute and polished little adventure!

This one is a simple and sleepy ending tune, to bid you a day well done as you see the results of how you did. I plucked away on my guitar for this one, with some very light background elements to give it some more depth.

And then there is Gutcorp!

Along with @Frogrammer and a team that largely doesn't seem to be active on here (Alphons6Utkarsh, Christie,Shynif) I took part in Ludum Dare 52 with this cool pixel art arena shooter!

The theme was harvest, and in this game you harvest body parts from fallen enemies to take for yourself as power ups.

The battle song, otherwise known as the main one. I went all in on making something with energy and an edge, but tried to make sure there was also enough variety to keep it interesting all the way through.

The second song, the lab one. You hear this in the break between rounds when you have a chance to enter the operating area and graft your new parts to yourself.

In other news:

  • I am sitting on the best music of my life as I continue working on my dark electronic album. Hints of my game soundtracks are definitely bubbling up, including SELF, ROBOKILL, SHOOT TRIP DIE, and tons of other songs on the darker side. I am taking the ideas way further and spending a lot of time getting it all right! It's a mix of vocal songs and instrumentals, and I hope you will look forward to it B)
  • Steadily working on getting out more chapters in my webcomic Deadlift Lodge (which you can find right now on my page). It's still in the very beginning little story arc, but soon some new characters, settings, and plot beats will be introduced and I'm really excited for more of the world to get out there!
  • Global Game Jam begins tonight and I am excited to jam with some new and familiar faces



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