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Awesome to see you on here, found this through the Front Page no less. Amazing work as usual!

SchmidtTimes responds:

Oh, man, what are the odds? Haha, glad to hear it, pal. Welcome to the Newgrounds channel! I'll be updating here whenever I have something to share with a lot of editing behind it. This week's video focused more on gameplay with commentary, so this wouldn't be the appropriate platform for it!

Easy 5/5. Great animation and humour, absolutely loved the music. Props to the SFX as well

great sound design. Really added to the motion and the chomps. I loved the animation everything seemed really nicely timed

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This is a really cool concept. If this was part of a more fleshed out game I think it would make for something really interesting and fun. Even just on it's own like this it is pretty satisfying.

I actually had a lot of fun with this, really clever puzzles, cute art, and I liked the way the ducks all had their own characteristics. Very nice stuff my friend

Im really bad at this kind stuff, but the art and stuff is really good

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Youve captured a really nice feeling here with the melodic elements and chords, I think in a perfect world I would have loved to hear some more variation on some of the percussion elements :)

wow, mad JRPG vibes. Well done, youve accomplished a really nice full sound here. Lots of nice flow too, like when it breaks down into the quieter parts and rebuilds back up.

Some good ideas here for sure, as a next step I'd definitely look into some time and velocity editing for your MIDI instruments. That hi hat for example is a little harsh on the ears with the same sample over and over so fast. The synth stuff and samples are pretty cool

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Ugh, love the patterned green cloak. The colours are really nice, I like the subtle pink spots too

If this happened to me I would cry and shit my pants.

Anyways, great art. I like the white outline

I like that he should be menacing but is cute instead, good work!

BrokenMOJO responds:

I don't know anything about the game, but the client described how they are very child-like, curious, and they like butterflies. They also can tear through anything in the game in like a hit or two. I like the dichotomy, it's cute.

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